The Satellite Police

Later on satellites will tune in on human movement and when a solid equipped theft happens and a firearm is let go the satellite will get that sound and hand-off that data to the police. In doing as such the satellite will likewise zoom in on the objective and start following them.

Opposition is vain and the burglars will be gotten and we will have a more secure society. Obviously you would already be able to see the ACLU calling foul to this idea, as it is an attack of security and just much as well “Orwellian” for them to deal with. However you can likewise observe that numerous who are in dread of wrongdoing would be extremely intrigued by observing such an idea happen as expected by 2024. What’s more, we as of now have all the innovation to do this and numerous have composed articles on this and they have showed up in Science Magazines, so we know there are scientists presently investigating these things at the present time.

Other than the 1984 security issues we should likewise consider the positive perspectives as well. On the off chance that there was an auto crash the satellite would alarm the specialist on call automated groups to the save and guide them utilizing GPS and on-board hostile to impact frameworks and they would be on the scene to protect the crash casualties close to the mishap.